Immortal Animals - Send in photo/tips for taking the photo

How to send in the photo:

The quality of your reference photos is extremely important, the better the photograph, the better the portrait will be.

You may send your photographs as prints or on a CD by post or you may send them by email. It is important that your digital photographs are at a high resolution to ensure that once printed out no quality is lost.

Not just one photo - maybe a couple..

If possible it is advantageous to have a number of reference photographs, as in some cases certain aspects of your pet may not be correctly represented in a single shot. For example you may have the perfect pose but the photograph does not accurately show the colour of your pet’s coat. Please also note that the most important aspect for me as the artist is your pet’s eyes, as these display who they are hence it is imperative that these are clearly shown in your photographs.
In addition I am able to remove unwanted features when producing your portrait, for example if your horse has a headcollar on in the photograph but you would like the portrait to be without it.

Natural daylight

When taking your photographs please bear in mind the following tips:

1 It is best to take your photographs in natural daylight*, with the light source behind you.
2 Make sure that you are at eye level with your pet and your pet fills the whole picture, in the case of a head portrait please focus you photographs on your pet’s head, neck and shoulders.

* natural daylight is especially important when photographing animals with very dark or black coats as the use of a flash can result in detail being lost.

If you are unsure as to whether your photographs are suitable please send them to me to have a look at and I will do my best to work with them, especially if it is not possible for you to take any more.